You are viewing the course description for the Cupping Therapy Specialist Course. In the course your will learn how to perform cupping therapy treatments using specialized cupping equipment.  This treatment is often used to alleviate pain and muscle tension. This course is not to be confused with vacuum therapy as it slightly differs due to the technique and treatment areas involved. Learn how to properly operate the professional cupping set. Discover what can be used to further enhance your treatment. In this course, you will also learn what other treatments cupping therapy is used for and when it should be used to achieve the best results for each customer. We will also discuss pricing and typical treatment areas. Equipment: professional cupping set with travel case, Lubricating skin oil. Equipment may take up to 1 week to arrive. Once Equipment arrives you will be contacted by phone to pick up your device. Please note: equipment usually arrives much faster that the estimated time listed above. Course Available 24/7. All Students have access to the online course content for 30 days. Equipment Included.

Cupping Therapy Class (Online)*Includes Equipment*