Your are viewing the description for The “4-n-1 Master Class is a great choice for those looking to learn and enhance their Body Contouring & Skin Tightening skills. We dive deep during this course as we provide detailed explanations of each treatment area and the different equipment used on each area. We also provide business information such as how to structure your business properlyu, tax information, vendor information, and so much more. Let us help you get started in the spa industry. Gain 4 skills with one class. The TOTAL COST FOR THIS ONLINE CLASS IS: $1000. 


This class can be taken ANYTIME online. On average, this class can be complegted in 6 hours. We do suggest you review the course materials and all videos at least 3 times.

There is an exam upon completion of this course. Students will be able to acces the exam anytime. An ideal score is: 70%. This exam will help you gauge your knowledge and understanding of the course materials. You have unlimited attempts on for this Final Exam.

Upon the completion of this course, students will earn 4 Certificates of completion: Master Body Contouring & Skin Tightening Specialist, Vacuum Therapy Specialist, Cupping Therapy Specialist, & Wood Therapy Specialist.


Equipment Not Included.


In this course, learn how to successfully perform ultrasoniccavitation and Radiofrequency treatments using specialized equipment. Learn how to successfullyperform a non-surgical butt enhancement treatment using vacuum therapy. Learn how to perform cupping therapy treatments using specialized cupping equipment. Learn how to perform wood therapy treatments using specialized equipment.We will also Review lymphatic drainage techniques and discuss the basic theory of lymphatic drainage. Here is a list of Equipment Included with this course: Machine: 40K ultrasonic cavitation machine 6-n-1 device. Machine: vacuum therapy machine with multiple large & small cups sizes. Equipment: professional cupping set with travel case, Lubricating skin oil. Equipment: deep tissue body roller, surface level body roller, & wooden body reshaping tool. Please be aware thatEquipment is Custom Built and may take up to 2 weeks to arrive. Once Equipment arrives you will be contacted by phone to pick up your device. Please note: equipment usually arrives much fasterthat the estimated time listed above.


Students have the option to add in vendor and business insurance information with any of our courses.

Contact us by at: 713-364-8040 (we are available via call or text).

4-n-1 Master Class (Online) *No Equipment*