Company Business Ethics
Infinity Beauty is committed to conducting its business in a lawful and ethical manner. All employees are expected to meet the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct. Anything less is considered unacceptable.
Each of us has an obligation to conduct ourselves at all times with honesty and propriety because such behavior is morally and legally right, and because our success is dependent on our reputation and on the trust and confidence of everyone with whom we deal.
The commitment to ethical behavior is not a matter of vague principles and generalized comments. We have a strict code of conduct. All employees are expected to read, understand and must adhere to the rules listed below.
• Comply with all applicable laws and government regulations. For interpretation or clarification of legal or regulatory requirements, contact your Manager or Owner.
• Deal honestly with clients, suppliers, coworkers and consultants.
• Be aware of any product hazards that may personally affect our customers. Always inform our clients of the proper use of our products and possible potential hazards. Negligence can result in personal injury to the client and financial catastrophe to Infinity Beauty.
• Our success in the market place results from providing superior products and services at competitive prices. Do not seek to gain improper advantage for offering business courtesies such as entertainment, meals, transportation, products or services inappropriately.
• Never offer any type of business or personal courtesy to a client for the purpose of obtaining favorable treatment or advantage.
• Never provide Beauty Services outside the Beauty Studio under any circumstance.
• Never provide any client with gifts or promotional items of more than a nominal value.
• Never accept anything of value from someone doing business with the Company for any type of favorable treatment or advantage. To avoid even the appearance of impropriety, do not accept gifts or promotional items of more than nominal value.
• All Company payments and other transactions must be properly authorized by management and be accurately and properly recorded.
• Do not abuse your position of trust in the Company. While on the job, you are expected to devote your concentrated time and effort to the corporation's business interest and avoid any activity that may distract from or conflict with those business interests.
You should report any suspected violation of these rules or other irregularities to your Manager or Owner. The "Whistle Blower" law prohibits retaliation against any employee for making a good faith complaint about what he/she believes to be a violation of a specific law. Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action.

Infinity Beauty is an AT-WILL employer and can chose to terminate employment at any time for any reason.
All employees are expected to be courteous and show a spirit of service to our clients and to one another. Unnecessary personal or negative comments and/or gossiping about employees, clients, or others associated with the Company is unacceptable. Employee honesty and ethical concern for the Company's assets are essential. Personal use of office supplies or postage, excessive use of telephones for personal use, or excessive use of working time for personal business are violations of good business conduct.
You should report any evidence of improper practices of which you become aware to an appropriate management team member. Improper practices means any illegal, fraudulent, dishonest, negligent, or otherwise unethical action arising in connection with the Company. Violation of any Company policy, inappropriate behavior, involvement in unethical activities or activities detrimental or destructive to our employees, client relations, Company funds, good will, or equipment will result in disciplinary action. 
Confidentiality of Information
It is the responsibility of all employees to safeguard sensitive client and Company information. Any client or Company business information is strictly confidential and may not be disclosed outside the Company. Financial or future business plans of Infinity Beauty are confidential and shall not be removed from the premises. Unauthorized release or removal of such information is theft and will be prosecuted accordingly. The Company takes this policy very seriously. This is why every employee's confidentiality {and non-competition} agreement contains confidentiality provisions.  Confidential information related to clients who use any of our services includes, but is not limited to, such items as client addresses, phone numbers, client file information, etc. Other Company information considered confidential includes but is not limited to such items as training materials, policies and procedures manuals, product materials, financial reports, compensation program, personnel records, vendor purchase information, etc.
Conflict of Interest
All employees of our salon are expected to regulate their activities to avoid conflict of interest or other that may intentionally or inadvertently result in loss or embarrassment to the Company; create the appearance of impropriety with respect to any Company or business related activities; influence business decisions; or disclose for inappropriate use the Company's business information, affairs or plans.
Outside employment or activities should not interfere with the employee regularly required job duties or lead to a conflict of interest.
You are requested to review any outside employment jobs or activities with the manager to ensure no conflict of interest exists.
The acceptance of gifts, entertainment or other favors by family members from present or prospective competitors, clients, or suppliers which are beyond the common courtesies usually associated with ethical business practices is unacceptable. Any questions in this area should be directed to an appropriate management team member. We consider conflict of interest to be a very serious issue. Violation of this policy, whether intentional or unintentional, will result in disciplinary action and may result in disciplinary action. More information regarding this policy will be reviewed with you during your orientation.

Client Preparation and Safety
All preparations used in any of our client services must be in accordance with required package instructions or other federal or state requirements (as applicable). Consideration must always be given to the client to minimize any possible reaction or incident arising out of using our products.
All employees must take extreme care in using a preparation which may give rise to skin irritation. Customers should be given sufficient information about a product'sand services uses to enable the Customer to make a judgment about its reactions. Customers who have experienced a product reaction should not have that product used on them again in the future.
Any appliances showing signs of wear, poor connections, frayed wires, etc. must not continue to be used. Report damaged equipment to the manager promptly. All equipment should be turned off at the plug connections when not in use. Broken equipment should never be used on a client.
Ask your Manager whenever you have a question about a product's/ equipments' use. Negligence in this area will result in disciplinary action. Broken or damaged equipment will be deducted from your pay.

Although we are an AT-WILL employer, here are a few reasons your employment may be terminated: 

1.Failure to balance work and personal situations.

2.Failure to remain professional in the work setting.

3.Failure to comply with phone usage policy and using the phone while customers are present (in the building) for unrelated purposes.

4. Poor time management skills- Inability to manage time efficiently and complete treatments in a timely manner.

5. Failure to comply with company policy in notifying the manager immediately of damaged equipment.

6.Inability to receive constructive criticism in a receptive manner.

7. Excessive tardiness and absenteeism.

8. Failure to complete require training in the alotted time frame 10 days (divided into 3 day training intervals).

9. Exposing company information to an outside individual (as it pertains to customer/client information, business practices, business strategies, treatment techniques, etc.)

10. Failure to report to your scheduled shift following a break period.

11.Failure to complete your scheduled shift.

12. Not providing adequate notice for vacation request/time off. A 4 week period is required for all vacation periods and time off is not acceptable/allowable within the 90 day probationary period.

A Harassment Free Environment

Infinity Beauty believes all employees have a right to work in an environment free of discrimination. This includes all forms of
sexual harassment and other forms of offensive or degrading remarks and/or conduct about an employees' race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, disability, age, affection preference, public assistance status, or any other basis protected by law. Infinity Beauty will not tolerate harassment of its employees in any form - by management team members, co-workers, owners, customers or suppliers. No employee, male or female, will be subjected to unsolicited and/or unwelcome sexual overtures or conduct whether verbal, visual or physical.
Sexual harassment is not limited only to sexual comments or innuendo, flirtations or propositions. Sexual harassment includes any action, conduct, or communication which is viewed as harassment, including unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, sexually motivated physical contact or other verbal or physical conduct or communication of a sexual nature when:
• Submission to such conduct or communication is made, either explicitly or implicitly, a term or condition of an
individual's employment with Infinity Beauty; or
• Submission to or rejection of that conduct or communication by an individual is used as a factor in employment decisions affecting such individual; or
• That conduct or communication has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individual's
employment, or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment; and Infinity Beauty knows and should know of the existence of the harassment, whether the employee reports it or not and the Company fails to take timely and appropriate action.
"Sexually motivated" includes unwelcomed, objectionable and offensive conduct or communication which, even though not sexual in nature, is directed at an employee because of his or her gender. The following are some examples of conduct which may constitute sexual harassment:
• Use of any offensive or demeaning terms which may constitute sexual connotation, or are addressed to an employee on account of his or her gender.
• Objectionable, unwelcome physical proximity or physical conduct.
• Unwelcomed gender-based suggestions regarding, or invitations to, social engagements or work-related social events.
• Any indication, express or implied, that an employee's job security, job assignment, conditions of employment, or opportunities for advancement depends on the granting of sexual favors to any other person or upon the acceptance without objection of unwelcome objectionable sexual conduct, advances or comments.
• Any action relating to an employee's job status which is affected by consideration of the granting or refusal of a gender-based request for social or sexual favors.
• The existence of an atmosphere of sexual harassment.

• Unwarranted, unwelcomed Jokes or remarks of a sexual nature made to, or in the presence of, employees who may find such jokes or remarks offensive.
• The dissemination of materials which have a sexual content (such as cartoons, articles, pictures, etc.) and which are not necessary for work, to employees who may find such materials offensive.
A Harassment Free Environment, Continued
This policy applies to all employees regarding their actions and activities both in and away from the work location. No person at our Company, regardless of his or her position, is exempt from compliance with this policy. All persons are intended to be in a supervised environment free from sexual harassment and other forms of offensive behavior.
Any employee who believes he or she is being subjected to sexual harassment or subjected to retaliation, or has witnessed sexual harassment or retaliation toward other employees, is encouraged to report it to an appropriate management team member. If the claim is against the employee's immediate Manager, the claim does not need to be reported to his/her supervisor, but should be reported to another Manager or the Owner. No retaliation will be taken against anyone reporting sexual harassment.
Complaints will be investigated promptly by the Manager or Owner in a timely and confidential manner with respectful consideration to all parties involved. An investigation will be conducted into the facts of the complaint to arrive at a resolution. Every effort will be made to keep reports of sexual harassment confidential. However, a thorough investigation may require communication of the complaint to others.
If the investigation concludes that harassment occurred, disciplinary action will be taken which could include a verbal or written warning, or immediate termination. All complaints and investigation information will be documented in writing and maintained in confidential files. An employee engaged in sexual harassment could be held personally liable to the harassed employee for engaging in such conduct. If the harasser is a client or other non-employee, Company management will take the necessary action within its control to ensure the harassment stops. You should inform your Manager or Owner if this situation arises.

If you are given a store key, you must return this key to the store owner or manager as directed. If you are no longer employed by Infinity Beauty and do not return the store key, you will be charged a 50$ key fee. 
A Drug Free Environment
If we are to continue to fulfill our responsibility to provide reliable and safe service to our customers and a safe working environment, employees must be physically and mentally fit to perform their duties in a safe and efficient manner. The use of mood altering, non-prescription chemicals and the abuse of prescription chemicals on the job or during working hours is not allowed. The use of alcoholic beverages in the work place or during working hours is also prohibited. Possession of alcoholic beverages for personal consumption and mood altering drugs, or non-prescription chemicals during working hours or on Company premises will be considered a policy violation.
Disciplinary action up to and including immediate dismissal may result from intoxication or being under the influence of nonprescription mood altering chemicals, or the abuse of prescription chemicals on the job, on Company premises or while using a Company vehicle, and from other types of violations of this policy. For reporting a violation, you should contact your Manager or Owner.

We provide an environment for our employees and customers free from all forms of discrimination. We will comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations governing equal employment opportunity. We will not discriminate in any of our employment and personnel practices on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age, affection preference, disability, public assistance status, persons making child support or spousal maintenance payments, or any other basis protected by law.
Employee Classifications
Four employee classifications are recognized in order to make distinctions in benefits and scheduling of hours. They are:
Regular Full-Time
You are generally scheduled to work a minimum of an average of 35 hours per week for an unspecified period of
time. Hours may include evenings and weekends. You are eligible for all Company provided benefit plans, such as
medical insurance, and bonuses once you are a full time employee. Associates will not accumulate vacation time.
Regular Part-Time
You are generally scheduled to work an average of 10-34 hours per week for an unspecified period of time. Hours
may include evenings and weekends. 
• Part-Time -- Benefits Non-Eligible
You are generally scheduled to work an average of less than 20 hours per week over a 12 month period. You are not eligible for any Company benefits except the employee discount.
You are generally scheduled to work a specific period of time during the year. You are hourly paid and average
weekly hours usually do not exceed 19 hours per week over a 12 month period. No Company benefits or time-off
benefits are provided.
There is no guarantee that you will remain in any of these categories for any specified period of employment. Based on business needs, you may be reclassified. Please make sure you understand what classification you are in by checking with your Manager.
Employee Recruitment and Selection
Our employee recruitment and selection program is established to facilitate our commitment to equal opportunity employment by hiring the best suited candidate for available positions and to make the best use of their abilities. Once employed, we desire to provide additional opportunities for our internal employees whenever possible. To become an employee, several things must occur: 
• You must sign an employment agreement that describes the rights and obligations required of you and the Company regarding "intellectual" property issues, i.e. privacy of financial information, formulas, not revealing trade secrets, and the Company's right to job related inventions, etc.
• You must receive satisfactory reference checks.
• You must complete the INS Employment Eligibility Verification I-9 Form and provide documentation validating your right to work in the U.S. If validating documentation is not provided within 3 days following date of hire, your employment will be terminated.
Employee Recruitment and Selection, Continued
As an employee, you may be considered for open positions based on your job qualifications, performance record and overall capability to perform the duties. Outside recruiting may occur simultaneously. The final selection will be based on filing open positions with the best qualified candidates meeting the job requirements. If you are interested in an open position, inform your Manager.
New Employee Orientation
The first week of any new job is always a difficult time. There seems to be so much to learn and so many people to get to know. To make it easier for you during this time, an orientation program will be held to familiarize you with the Company rules and policies, your job description, and the general work environment. Your Manager will review this program with you  during your first week of employment; you are encouraged to ask as many questions as necessary for you to feel competent in your new position with Infinity Beauty.
Employee Introductory Period
The 90 day introductory period provided to you as a new employee is considered an extension of the employee selection process during which you are considered in training for learning the new job. You are under evaluation and observation by your coach and/or other assigned "training" employees. This time allows you and your coach to explore whether the overall employment arrangement is progressing positively. The length of the introductory period will vary with the position. In some positions, a more defined training program has been developed and must be successfully completed to move into the qualifying position. Your particular introductory period will
be discussed during your orientation. Introductory periods apply to all new, rehired, promoted or transferred employees. During this time, and throughout one's employment with the Company, an employee's performance is being reviewed continuously. The employee or employer is free to terminate the employment relationship at any time without notice or cause.
Tardiness and Absenteeism
You are encouraged to arrive at your work station 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time to ensure that you are prepared to begin your work day. On occasions tardiness may be unavoidable and your Manager will allow the time to be made up or excuse it. However, if tardiness becomes a regular issue and the Manager feels that the reasons are unacceptable, the time will be deducted from your scheduled work hours and disciplinary actions, up to termination, may be
Also, you are expected to be at work on the scheduled days. If absences are necessary for sickness or other personal reasons, contact your Manager as soon as possible the day before or on the day of absence. Your Manager will determine if the absence is approved as paid or unpaid time off and whether the reason is acceptable. Unreported absences will be considered unexcused absences. An unapproved absence of: one day will be considered a voluntary resignation and employment termination will be initiated.
To maintain our commitment to our clients in providing superior client services, it is essential that you be responsible for maintaining your assigned schedule. Repeated absenteeism and tardiness will be grounds for disciplinary action.
Disciplinary Process
Rules and regulations are the cornerstone on which we build our success and are essential to efficient operation of our Company. You are expected to perform your job duties satisfactorily and conduct yourself on the job in an appropriate manner. This guide for disciplinary action has been established for the common good of all of us at Infinity Beauty. Some basic information has been provided below, but please be sure to have your manager review the disciplinary policy with you in more detail during your orientation. Company management will determine what is satisfactory performance and appropriate behavior and the disciplinary action that is judged necessary. Occasionally, management will find it necessary to take disciplinary action regarding your job performance and/or behavior. Disciplinary action may consist of the following, depending on the circumstances:
• Termination - You may be terminated from employment as a first or last disciplinary step.
• Warning Notice - If termination is not the first step, you may receive either a verbal or written warning. If
improvement does not occur within the specified time period or performance continues to deteriorate during this
time, further disciplinary action will be taken, which may include immediate termination. The initial time period for
improvement may be extended at the Manager's discretion.
• Suspension - An employee may be suspended by the Manager in situations when it appears necessary to remove the employee from the premises. The facts of the situation will be reviewed to determine if disciplinary action is
required. Depending on the circumstances, time out or suspension may or may not be with pay. The Manager or
Owner will make this determination after review of the circumstances.
Should you have any challenges or questions regarding a disciplinary action that may be issued to you, contact your manager or an appropriate member of the management team. We encourage our management team members to work together in improving work performance and/or behavioral issues. However, it is important to recognize that in some instances a continuing working relationship may not be an appropriate resolution.
Employment Termination
All employees of Infinity Beauty are employed at-will. This means there is no guarantee of employment for any specific length of time, nor are the guidelines in this Employee Handbook intended to created any expressed or implied contract rights. Employees are free to leave their employment with the Company at any time and for any reason. Similarly, the Company reserves the right to ask any employee to leave its employ at any time with or without notice or cause. Employment with the Company may be terminated through voluntary resignation by the employee or by the Company initiating the termination of the employee. Several steps will occur when one of these actions is requested.

Voluntary Resignations
•Job abandoment (Missing 1 shift without notifying manager).

• Missing a Mandatory Meeting (orientation, training, etc.)
• An employee resigning from the Company should submit notice in writing. A minimum of two weeks notice is requested, but not required, to allow time for staff rescheduling and position replacement.
• An exit interview meeting is requested to allow the employee to provide constructive feedback on the company's management practices and to return any Company property.
Voluntary Resignations, Continued
• Voluntary and certain other types of termination not initiated by the Company include but are not limited to:
1. Resignation
2. Retirement
3. Disability
4. Death
5. Unexcused absences which are unreported (or unapproved) for a period of 1 day without sufficient justification
or approval.
6. Failure to report to work after expiration of an approved leave of absence.

7. Failure to report back to work after a scheduled break.
Involuntary Resignation
• When possible, a meeting will be held with the employee being terminated to review the steps to take for
terminating employment. If a meeting is not possible, the employee will be informed by telephone or mail.
• The employee being terminated may request an additional meeting with the Manager or Owner.
• Involuntary terminations are those initiated by the Company. The following list is not all-inclusive but contains some types of terminations that could be Company-initiated:
1. Work force reductions and/or elimination of positions.
2. Discharge for conduct not in the best interest of the Company.
3. Release for inability to perform duties or to meet prescribed standards on the job.
4. Temporary associates who are no longer needed.
Insurance Benefits may be cancelled- please contact insurance provider selected at the time of benefit enrollment.
Final Pay Procedures
Terminated employees should check with their Manager regarding receipt of their final paycheck.
Former Employee Employment Verification
Verification of employment dates and position held will be released when appropriate. However, only upon receipt of written authorization from the former employee, will salary or other information be released.
Employee Challenges and Concerns
Good communication between Company management and employees is essential for us to develop and maintain a
productive and satisfied work force. It is our intent to afford employees a voice in those matters that may have a potential adverse, unjust, or inequitable effect on their employment relationship. Such issues may be honest differences of opinion or  judgement situations, but we do acknowledge the importance of their expression. It is our desire to address challenges and concerns as promptly and justly as possible, objectively and confidentially, and free from any concern over retaliation.
An "open door" policy will be observed by the Company. Employees are free to meet with their Manager privately to discuss issues regarding job performance, work conditions, grievances, employee conflicts, suggestions or personal problems that are affecting their jobs. Employees are encouraged to resolve challenges amongst themselves in a courteous and constructive manner. If this cannot be done, the challenge should be brought to the attention of the Manager or Owner.
Company Activities
Monthly Team Meeting:
On the first Saturday of every month at 9:30 AM, employees meet as a Team. It provides an opportunity for us to exchange ideas, recognize individual and team performance, conduct educational training for team and personal development, resolve challenges, and just get to know one another and have fun while doing it. This meeting may be held virtually or in person. Attendance is required.
Employee Records and Privacy
Infinity Beauty holds information maintained in employee personnel records as confidential and proprietary. The collection and retention of employee information is limited to what is needed for Company business.
Internal access to personnel records is limited only to those employees having an authorized, business related "need to know." Outside third parties only have access to records if it is legally required or requested by the employee, e.g. state  investigatory offices, OSHA, mortgage requests, credit checks, etc.
Personal Information Changes
Employees should inform their Manager of appropriate personal information changes that would apply to their payroll or Company provided benefit issues. Such changes might be name, address, marital status, or information on dependents claimed.
Employees may not distribute literature (unless requested by the employer), request contributions, or be asked to purchase products sponsored by an outside organization. This includes but is not limited to: literature such as religious, political and social groups. Solicitations by outside organizations are not allowed without approval of an appropriate Manager. If you have any questions regarding a particular issue, ask your Manager.
The sale of gambling devices or gambling on the premises of Infinity Beauty is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.
Business Hours
Infinity Beauty is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00PM to 8:00 PM (West Little York Location),  Open by appointment only on Sunday & Monday. (Westheimer Location- Hours TBD). Your individual work schedules will be developed by your Manager. 
Emergency Closing
Occasionally, we will find it necessary to be open late, close early or not open at all due to inclement weather, building safety issues, or other business related issues. If this should occur, you will be notified by your Manager of the schedule change. Business hours may only be changed with the approval of the Manager or Owner.
Hazards and Reporting Accidents Safety is every employee's responsibility. Everyone must comply with the safety precautions and practices established by Infinity Beauty. Review of safety precautions and practices will be done during your orientation program and periodically as issues arise. You should always report any accidents or product hazards to your Manager immediately.
We should take pride in our jobs, our work environment and the image we present to other clients and each other. All employees are expected to assume their share of responsibility in maintaining high standards of cleanliness and orderliness in their work areas. You are responsible for keeping all studio equipment, combs, and brushes clean (sanitized and disinfected), according to all current state and federal regulations. Your work station must always be clean and tidy prior to starting the next client's service. Disposal places are provided for towels, used bottles, etc.  All used items should be placed in their proper disposal container.
All employees will be provided with an unpaid lunch break on a daily basis. The Manager will determine the scheduled lunch and break periods and the length of time provided. You are encouraged to take lunch breaks in order to refresh yourself physically and mentally. All lunch break times should be recorded appropriately in our time-keeping software. No employees can block themselves out for anything else on the schedule, without manager approval.
We represent ourselves, our beauty studio and our entire industry. Artistic and dynamic in nature, we are different from other service industries in that we affect people and how they feel about themselves. This means that the way we present ourselves should be top-notch every day. Our clients trust us as beauty professionals, and it is absolutely critical to look the part. You are required to follow the dress code whenever you are on premises, including on your scheduled day off or on training days, you must look presentable when representing our beauty studio.
You are trusted to use your best discretion when it comes to your work attire until your uniform arrives, however there are some specific rules regarding dress code:
What’s accepted:
Uniform; Any color accessories: shoes, belts, jewelry, scarves, ties or hosiery will add flair. Hair that is: neatly styled, artistic in nature, and reflects current trends; Comfortable, stylish footwear.
What’s not:
Spaghetti straps, flip-flops, torn or worn jeans, printed t-shirts, ribbed tank tops, tennis shoes, head gear or scarves, bonnets, hats, etc.
PLEASE NOTE: If management feels you are not presentable when you come to work, you will be asked to change or wear a color smock over your wardrobe for the day.

Uniform: ALL BLACK ATTIRE or ALL Black Scrubs (as assigned by manager)
All employees are responsible for being attentive to the security of our employees, Company assets, and maintaining a safe and secure work environment. Strong emphasis is placed on reporting security-related incidents so that the proper action can be taken. Security violations should be directed to an appropriate manager.
Telephone Usage
All employees are expected to conduct themselves professionally and courteously on the telephone. Telephones are to be used primarily for business purposes and personal calls can take place ONLY when there are no customers in the store. Please try to limit your phone usage. Employees should not be interrupted for telephone calls when working with a client. Accurate messages should be taken and referred to the appropriate employee. Personal calls may be made on individual cell phones during scheduled breaks and when there are NO CUSTOMERS in the store. Cell phones must be kept in the silent or vibrate mode when brought into the store.
Note: This section must be customized to represent your benefits package and your stipulations for qualifying
employees, company’s contribution, etc.
Medical Insurance
Infinity Beauty provides a medical insurance plan for qualifying employees. Plan information is provided during an employee's orientation program. It is important you review the material carefully and direct any questions you may have to the Manager or Owner. At this time, Infinity Beauty contributes $0 per month towards each qualifying employee’s medical insurance. The rest of the insurance premium is deducted, pre-tax, from the respective employee’s bi-weekly paycheck.
Occasionally, changes in health insurance plans must occur. The Company reserves the right to design the provisions of a plan, add, eliminate, or in any other way modify any of the benefits provided when it is felt to be in the best interest of the Company.
Qualifying employees are those classified as regular full-time and normally scheduled to work 35 hours or more per week.
Employees are eligible to elect participation in the plan after 3 months of employment. If enrollment is declined, application at a later date will require proof of insurability, and the insurance carrier may reject the application.
Individual coverage is available for qualifying team members only. If a team member wants to include a spouse or child, they will be personally responsible for paying 100% of those costs.
Employee Discounts
All employees are eligible for 20% Discount on all products and are able to receive discounted treatments and services at Infinity Beauty. All Services for Employees up to one hour are: 25$. Exceptions: V-Steams (35 minutes) & Sauna Sessions (30 minutes) are:10$ for employees.
Services provided to Employees should be done during "slow" periods, before or after scheduled work
hours, on off days, etc. All discount services or non-revenue services must be cleared in advance by the Manager. Avoid Employee services on FRIDAYS OR SATURDAYS.
National Holidays
Infinity Beauty recognizes six national holidays of religious and historic importance when we will not be open for business. The following seven days are recognized:
- New Year's Day - Labor Day
- Memorial Day - Thanksgiving Day
- Independence Day - Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Scheduling for the entire month of December is announced on a year-to-year basis.
Vacation Time
No Paid vacation time is available 

Requesting Time off
* All requests must be put in the request off sheet and approve through manager.
Time off requests should be submitted to the Manager in writing at least 4 weeks in advance of the requested date for approval.
*No sick pay is available.

Termination of Employment
• Vacation time (if applicable) may not be taken during the last two weeks of employment, regardless of when it was approved.
Leaves of Absence
Periodically, an employee may request a leave of absence to meet specific personal needs. If you are classified as a regular full-time or regular part-time employee, you are eligible to make such a request. Depending on the circumstances, the Company may not be able to guarantee you the same job when returning from an extended leave of absence.  Approval for most leaves of absence requests are at the discretion of the Manager based on current business needs and past practices. Your Manager should be advised as soon as possible when a leave of absence is desired.
Unpaid Leaves of Absence
Unpaid personal leaves of absence will be available to an employee depending upon the circumstances of the request. Usually, leaves will not be approved for more than six weeks. An employee must have completed at least six months of working service to be eligible to make such a request. Contact the Manager whenever a leave of absence is desired to obtain more information on the qualification and applicable procedures. There are five types of leave usually considered. This leave is unpaid.
Occasionally, an unpaid leave of absence will be granted for personal reasons such as family illness, personal business, or extended travel.
A medical leave of absence may be granted to an employee whose illness exceeds 10 days. After the completion of the first six months of employment, an unpaid medical leave of absence up to 6 months is available. Medical validation will be required and approval must be received from the Manager. Every effort will be made to keep the employee's job available or offer another similar position to the employee. However, if this is not possible, the employee may be terminated.
All employees are covered by the Workers' Compensation Law which was established to standardize the benefit structure, reduce litigation, and encourage early rehabilitation intervention, good employee/employer relationship and return to work programs. All job related injuries should be reported immediately to the Manager. Appropriate forms must be completed and employees are expected to cooperate fully in completing any necessary forms or reporting for any required examination.
Former employees who lose their job may, under certain conditions, qualify for state unemployment benefits. The Company reviews all unemployment claims thoroughly, and may attend fact finding or appeal hearings when the facts regarding eligibility are in question.
The objectives of our salary administration program are the following:
• Attract, retain, and reward qualified employees at all levels of responsibility.
• To be externally competitive when possible, internally consistent and equitable, and be performance-based.
• To obtain the highest possible degree of employee performance, morale, and loyalty through consistent and
equitable salary administration.
• To provide recognition and reward for differences in individual ability and performance.
• To comply with applicable state and federal laws.
The program consists of these major compensation elements:
Written Job Descriptions: Job descriptions for all employees' positions will be provided and reviewed regularly. Revisions will be made as needed. Job descriptions are used to identify the most important features of the job, including the general nature of the work performed, specific task responsibilities and employee characteristics and skills required to perform the job. Job Evaluation: All jobs will be evaluated based on each job's internal value within the Company and comparing those jobs to external market rates paid for similar jobs in this industry, when possible. The job factors evaluated will be based on knowledge, skills, experience, responsibilities and complexities of each job.
Commission/ Bonus Pay Programs: Positions will be eligible for BONUS  and/or on an hourly pay rate. The Manager
and Owner determine what positions will be on commission programs. Bonus Incentive Plans: The Manager and Owner determine annually what positions will be eligible for bonus incentive plans. Bonuses are usually paid out on the last day of each month.
Salary changes may occur as a result of, but not limited to, one or more of the following factors:
• Salary increase based on performance evaluation.
• Step rate adjustment due to completing a scheduled training period.
• Promotional increase for taking on added responsibilities.
• Rate adjustment based on job content changes, competitive market rates, or equality issues.
• Rate decrease due to job content changes, performance capability, or job transfer.
Your Manager will review the various parts of the salary administration program with you during the orientation program and throughout the year as needed. Any questions you have should be directed to your Manager who is responsible for the overall management of the program. The Manager and Owner have the final authority to create, change, interpret, or terminate any or all parts of the salary program.
All employees are encouraged by Infinity Beauty to attend approved meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. which are directly related to our operations, activities and objectives is supported by the Company.. Infinity Beauty will pay up to 50% of any approved  training/education (up to $500 per employee per calendar year) and pay 100% of any in-house education.
All classified regular full-time and regular part-time employees are eligible to request attendance at qualified programs or courses. The Company will contribute financially for attendance at approved educational seminars, institutes, conferences and specified courses sponsored by higher educational or technical institutions. Programs attended must apply directly and be immediately applicable to an employee's current position and for the purpose of improving job performance.
Infinity Beauty is committed to providing as much training as possible to assist employees in effectively performing their jobs. This includes orientation for new employees, training for current employees, and retraining for employees whose jobs change over time. We encourage employees to take advantage of all internal and external training to maximize their level of expertise and their professional development and personal growth.
A basic orientation program is conducted for all new employees. The primary purpose of this program is to familiarize employees with Company rules, policies and job responsibilities. Additional subjects and the scheduling of more in-depth job training may be required for employees to move into the next position level.
In some cases employees may be required to participate in and satisfactorily complete continuing education and training programs when such instruction is considered necessary for satisfactory job performance.
Employees requiring licenses must maintain current licensing requirements at their own expense. Unlicensed employees will not be allowed to perform applicable client services until that time.
Periodically, employees are expected to attend various classes and/or programs, such as in-salon educational sessions and to read professional trade material to keep abreast of current trends in the industry.
Individual personal and professional goals are assigned to all employees by quarter to assist in achieving our business and professional development goals. Achievement of goals is included in employee job performance evaluations.
While the performance of each employee is under constant review throughout the year, overall performance and pay levels will be evaluated periodically. We encourage you to continually strive for personal and professional improvement in all areas of your job. Through our continued growth and development both you and the Company can be more successful. Individual evaluations will primarily reflect competence in the performance of assigned duties and goals, and sustain performance in the accomplishment of the position objectives. Performance evaluations will be a contributing factor in determining salary increases and continued employment.
Hours Reporting and Time Sheets
Some employees are paid wages based on hours worked. These hours are to be recorded on our time keeping software. The Manager must approve all hours worked and hours paid but not worked (e.g., vacations, holidays, etc.). Vacation form must be filled out with management approval. Employees must accurately record all hours requested for pay. Employees are not to complete a time record for other employees. Falsification of time records is grounds for immediate termination. No employee can leave early without management approval.
Financial Matters
All employees are paid bi weekly. Pay periods run Sunday-Saturday. 
Payday is Friday after the pay period ends. 
Tip Reporting
It is your responsibility to report your tips to the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (IRS). The IRS expects you to follow
procedures with regard to tip reporting  (if applicable).
Overtime Hours
Employees are not eligible for overtime pay when working more than 40 hours in a single work week. Pay will be paid out based on their regular hourly rate of pay. Overtime hours must be  approved by your Manager prior to working them. If they are not approved hours, you will be paid at your regular rate.
All employees are subject to the following mandatory paycheck deductions:
• Federal and State Income Taxes
• Social Security (FICA) Taxes
• Court ordered child support and spousal maintenance payments
The Company requires all insurance benefit premiums be done by automatic payroll deduction. Other payroll deductions may be done with approval of the Manager and employee (e.g., payment advances, education, etc.).
Any time a question arises regarding an employee's amount of pay, incorrect amounts, tax questions, etc., the employee should contact the Manager. If an error occurred and was a fault of the company, a new check will be issued immediately.
Your personal retail quota will be discussed with your manager.
There will not be any discounts, of any nature, unless it is a promotion organized by management. No employee has the authority to give away any service or change a price without approval from management. The company reserves the right to change prices on any services or products as it deems necessary.
Services that must be redone for ANY reason, unless otherwise specified, will be handled on these terms:
consult with the Manager for resolution and scheduling the customer's service re-do.
I hereby acknowledge that I have received and read the Employee Handbook of Infinity Beauty. I also have been given a copy of the Handbook to use for future reference. In consideration of my employment, I agree to conform to the general work rules and specific regulations as communicated by the Company.
It also is understood that the Handbook provides general information on current guidelines covering employment related policies and procedures. The Company may make changes to it at any time by adding to, deleting, revising, or totally revoking any information as it deems necessary, without notice.
I recognize that this Handbook is not intended to create any express or implied contract rights between Infinity Beauty and the employee, nor does it represent an offer of employment. I understand the employment may be terminated by either the Company or myself at any time and for any reason with or without notice or cause.
Employee Name (Please Print)
Employee Signature
Date Returned
Please return this form to your Manager within five days after beginning employment. Employee resigning from the Company should complete the Voluntary Resignation of Employment Form. A minimum of two weeks notice is requested, but not required, to allow time for staff rescheduling and position replacement.
• An exit interview meeting is requested to allow the employee to provide constructive feedback on the Company's management practices and to return any Company property.

Infinity Beauty Employee Handbook